Dave Pauli

In 1979, Dave started a wildlife conflict resolution business in Wisconsin called Humane Animal Controls, Inc. Since then, he has served as a Superintendent of Animal Control (Billings Police), a Humane Society E.D. in the Tri-Cities, WA, and for 31 years as a field responder for The HSUS. Dave has responded to domestic animal/exotic/wild animal projects in all fifty states and over twenty countries and Territories. Dave participates in Chemical immobilization, and immunocontraception projects for deer and horses and wild pigs. He also participates in volume capture projects for prairie dogs, and community dogs and cats for spay clinics. He also helps all HSUS sections, Humane Society International and the Wildlife Land Trust with field projects or animal rescue teams. He is a certified Montana Master Naturalist and serves on the USDA Wild Pig Task Force, The Montana Species Classification committee and is board chair for the contraceptive NGO The Science and Conservation Center.

Wildlife Rescue and Handling
Wednesday, March 5 | 2:00pm