Katy Mahaley

Katy has worked in companion animal welfare for the past 12 years. She started her work at Asheville Humane Society where she worked to develop a behavior program for that shelter. While working at Asheville Humane Society she had the opportunity to deploy and assist the ASPCA in conducting behavior evaluations on dogs and cats from some of their national criminal cases. In 2018 she joined the ASPCA’s Behavioral Sciences Team. Her and her team conduct forensic behavior evaluations on dogs and cats from the ASPCA’s national cruelty cases. She also works closely with the ASPCA’s Cruelty Recovery Center which provides ongoing behavioral care to animals from cruelty cases. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, toddler, four dogs, two cats, and iguana.

The Importance of Behavior Evaluations in Criminal Cases
Tuesday, February 28 | 2:00pm