Josh & Zayn 2020

Josh Fisher, PhD, MHA, CAWA

Dr. Fisher has an educational background in population management/medicine, public health, veterinary sciences, informatics, and healthcare administration. He has been working in the veterinary medical/animal welfare field for over 20 years holding management roles in private practices, cooperate practices, the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, county government, and now as the Animal Services Director for the City of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. A strong advocate for professional development and growth in the animal welfare industry, Dr. Fisher seeks to involve staff in continued education and training opportunities as well as in cutting edge industry research. His professional interests focus on keeping pets and people together by “helping both ends of the leash” as well as disease reduction/prevention, advanced marketing/placement and intake reduction tactics, strategic planning, and staff career development in the area of animal welfare. His projects include increasing interest of veterinary/veterinary technician students in the animal welfare industry as well as working with community veterinarians to break down barriers, develop relationships, and increase involved in community focused animal welfare (animal control and sheltering) practices. In addition to his work in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Dr. Fisher currently serves as the President of the National Animal Care & Control Association, Member of the Managing Executive Committee for the Human Animal Support Services Project, and Secretary/Treasurer of the North Carolina Public Health Association- Academic & Practice based Research Section.

The State of Animal Welfare in SC and NC
Tuesday, February 28 | 10:15am

A Community Approach to Animal Control and Field Services
Wednesday, March 1 | 1:30pm